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Hardcore Survival will be discontinued on 14 April 2021
Hi everyone!

A few months ago we launched the hardcore survival server, which we intended to be a really simple vanilla Minecraft experience. The purpose was to have an anything-goes type server.

Unfortunately, due to this we have had some confusion on whether hacked clients were allowed on that server or not. On top of this, we've...
Hi everyone,

This will be my last post before Christmas. So let's just get into it!

  • Survival now has a new list of rules to abide by. You can read them here. One important one to note is rule 13.
    • Rule 13 states
      Do not spam kill (killing the same person more than twice in the space of two hours) - Will...

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Resources world has been reset!
its a start off a brand new week.
sup peoples im back
not that any of you noticed
high five to those who did lol

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