Massive dungeons update Tuesday 30th March

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Updates and a ton of bug fixes, this should make dungeons A LOT more fun to play and you have higher chance of crafting the cool magic gear.
General fixes:
  • Fixed bug where a body part of a custom mob could fall off.
  • You can no longer hit mobs through walls.
  • Fixed issue where a boss could go invisible.
  • Fixed animations smoother
  • Remade most Custom Modeled mobs to make them act smoother.
Lobby changes:
  • Made the dungeon master NPC into a goblin.
  • Added a Wraith NPC above the Dahlrunn board.
Starship changes:
  • Added a Mage spawner room, you can now kill endless mobs (within the time limit) to try and get high scores.
  • Added void under the map so that if you manage to bug out of the dungeon you die.
Yogg-Saron changes:
  • Made it so you have 50% chance to get Yoggs Brains when killing him (Yesterdays update).
Dahlrunn changes:
  • Made a new Rimwit (Balrog) model, the boss now have wings when looking at him from behind.
  • The Goblin archers have been nerfed from 100 health to 50 health.
  • The Strong Goblin Archers have been nerfed from 200 health to 100 health.
  • The Boss Ogre has been nerfed from 1000 health to 650 health.
  • Ogres now hit for 7 damage instead of 12.
  • Fixed bug where mobs spawned in incorrect places.
  • Increased the chance to get material drops from Hogron (the last boss) to 100% instead of 25% (this was yesterdays update, but it doesn't hurt to say it again).
  • Made it so Ogres are now called Ogre and not Zombie.
  • War Hoglins now have 250 health instead of 450.
  • The War Piglins riding the war hoglins now have 350 health instead of 450 and throw their axes a bit slower (the time between each throw is longer).
  • War Piglin axes do 5 true damage instead of 6 true damage (True damage = ignores your armor values).
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